About Sue Scheff™

Founder of Parents Universal Resource Experts

Sue Scheff™ founded the Parents Universal Resource Experts, which is an organization dedicated to helping troubled teens and providing resources for their parents. P.U.R.E.™ offers services to connect parents with other parents who are facing similar troubles. Through networking, parents can find the support that they so desperately seek. The organization also provides access to experts in the field so that parents can educate themselves, as well as learn about alternative learning programs and extracurricular programs for their teenagers.

Ms. Scheff™ has firsthand experience dealing with an out of control teenager. Her own daughter became too much for her to handle and went to an alternative learning environment. In 2001, Sue Scheff™ put her negative experience to positive purpose and founded Parents Universal Resource Experts. During her work with P.U.R.E.™, Ms. Scheff™ has established a massive network of parents who are connected to support one another so that they do not need to suffer in silence.

Sue Scheff™ and her organization are not based on scientific studies or parenting books, but rather real world experience. Ms. Scheff™ has first hand experience with a challenging teenager and knows what real parents want and need. The organization provides real parents real solutions based on real feelings, real situations, and real teens. Sue Scheff™ makes sure that parents know that they are not alone in their struggle and has helped many parents through their desperation.

Sue Scheff™ recently finished writing her first book entitled "Wits End!"™ The work provides insight and advice for those who work with troubled teens based on her personal experience. She discusses her own difficulties as well as those experienced by parents whom she has helped through desperation.